I rarely give testimonials however my experience with Dr. Mambrino and the entire staff truly deserves one. I came into this practice via a referral during a dental emergency. As they say sometimes out of something bad comes something good and in my case finding Dr. Mambrino was the "something good". I had a complicated case and needed an expert. What I got was something much more - an expert that cared. Dr. Mambrino is a perfectionist but that is not just because he has high expectations of himself and his work, it is truly because he cares about his patients. In my case he had to fix something that another dentist did that was "wrong" (I was actually suing the other dentist at the time for malpractice.) This was a very traumatic time in my life and l was very distraught about what I was going through. The care that I received from Dr. Mambrino and his staff during the year it took to reconstruct my mouth was nothing short of excellent at all times. I was put at ease. I was taken care of immediately if ever any emergency or discomfort. Dr. Sampathkumar (lovingly known as Dr. Ven) even came in the morning after Christmas to help me with my temp. Dr. Mambrino spent countless hours with me making sure my speech was as close to perfect that it ever could be again. The amount of time he spent having me read while he listened with his eyes closed trying to hear where he should make adjustments so that I wouldn't feel like I had any handicap in the future was above and beyond the work that I feel any other person would have done. The way he helped me is very meaningful to me and I will always be grateful to him for giving me my speech and my smile back. Sometimes I run into him in town and he makes me show him my smile and he stands back and beams with pride at the result of his hard work. The way he does that makes me feel like I never had anything wrong with my teeth and I am just a normal person with a great smile now. That is priceless.

lf ever I had to move away, even if I moved to the other side ofthe world. I would travel back to East Hampton Dental to see Dr. Mambrino. That is how good of a doctor and person he is. I am happy to sign this letter with a declaration that I will never see another dentist again. There is just no reason not to go to the best and that is what he is.

--Adina Azarian, East Hampton

"As a life long Park Avenue New York City resident, I was treated by Dr. Ven on an emergency summer Saturday morning office visit. Through his expertise and gentle manner he repaired my broken tooth within an hour. From that visit a few years ago to now he has done extensive dental work for myself to the point of dropping my NYC dentist. His expertise is unsurpassed and his staff is courteous and friendly. The office not only offers the latest in technology, but is spotless as well. My wife and I have recommended numerous friends to his practice and they too have become regular patients. If you need dental work of any kind on the east end, Dr. Ven should be your call."

--Andrew Wimpfheimer, Watermill

"I have been a resident of East Hampton for over thirty years and I have always sought dental care from a well known, reputable dentist in Manhattan. When I met Dr. Ven, I was thoroughly impressed with his professionalism, office, and staff. He is extremely knowledgeable and calming in his demeanor and the treatment is painless. Furthermore, the office handles all types of dentistry such as cosmetics, general dentistry, endodontics, oral surgery, periodontics, and implants. I look forward to future appointments at East Hampton Dental Group with Dr. Ven."

--Jan Willem Van Bergen, East Hampton

"I've been a patient of East Hampton Dental Group for the past seven years, and I've always been extremely pleased with the level of care and professionalism they've shown me. As someone who has needed frequent cleanings, new crowns, root canals, and bite adjustments due to TMJ, I know that EHDG always has me covered. No need to shuttle from specialist to specialist. Recently, I was diagnosed with periodontal disease. Conveniently, their on-staff periodontist was able to examine me and consult with my dentist at the same time. In-house specialists, state-of-the-art techniques, and a friendly, warm staff who are always attentive. I couldn't recommend them more!"

--E.S., Sag Harbor